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Feda - The Emblem Of Justice フェーダ



Feda - The Emblem Of Justice フェーダ エンブレム・オブ・ジャスティス

Developer(s) Max Entertainment | Publisher(s) Yanoman

Director(s) Yoshitaka Tamaki | Composer(s) Hidehiko Enomoto

Platform(s) Super Famicom, Sega Saturn

Release Super Famicom JP: October 28, 1994

Sega Saturn JP: June 24, 1996

Genre(s) Tactical role-playing game

Mode(s) Single-player


A simulation RPG where "Yanoman" famous for jigsaw puzzle production was putting effort now. Originally it was released from Super Famicom. It was remade after Sega Saturn later and voice and movies were added.




The Game

In this game, the main character is a story aiming for the overwhelming imperial army by the escapist soldier Brian Stilbird, Ein Magdogal (half dog type human) of the Imperial army. However, this game, scenario is cool.

The deserted place is wonderful as well, but there are many adult stereotypes, such as "We are a war shop, do not talk about politics!" And the story is complicated and it is quite heavy. However, the music that excites the stage is very cool. Thanks to the battle, I'm pretty awesome, a variety of different kinds of races and robots will come out, enemies are the most fun and unique characters with strong ack.

Unlike other simulation RPGs, it is also attractive that the title changes according to how the battle progresses. If you act according to the strategy, you become the title of justice (low), and enemy soldiers kill you entirely - if you do not misunderstand you become chaos attribute. If there are some friends who depart from this title difference, there are companions to join. There are some friends who are not influenced by the title. Characters that are definitely not friends unless it is a specific title.



Even though only characters with strong sense of justice gather together, basically the row attributes are low attack power overall, and HP has low fiddled characters. On the contrary, chaos attribute is easy to gather characters that strong attacks and spells can be cast. Attributes will change depending on the outcome of battle, so if you are chaotic fighting even with Row's buddies, you will soon leave.


Basically move the world map, capture the enemy according to strategy (or extinction), gather information in the village, arrange the equipment with weapons shop repeatedly. There is no inn. When an ally is defeated it is caught by the camp as a prisoner of war, not death. You will be able to help if you hit the camp and annihilate the enemy. It is easy to move forward because the ally side is strong from the beginning. However, in the second half there are many enemies that are tricky and troublesome to use a special technique.




... but that is the story of the Sufami version to the last. Honesty in remake, you can say that it is deteriorating. First of all, the music becomes cheap compared to Super Famicom, it can not be said that you want to listen twice. My voice is nice and the movie is good. However, occasionally there is no picture card show or bad CG. I wonder if it managed to manage it. Scenarios are also minor changed, and scenes that are a little confused when you know the SFC version. 




Feda: The Emblem of Justice(フェーダ エンブレム・オブ・ジャスティス)

Now my pictures, where I show you the box, the cartridge and part of the manual. Actually the illustrations are wonderful.





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