Metal Max 2 (1993)


Game Info

  • Developer(s): Data East
  • Publisher(s): Data East
  • Release Date: 05 Mar, 1993
  • Genres: RPGs
  • Country: JP
  • Product ID: SHVC-MX


Metal Max 2


データイースト / クレアテック / Data East / Crea-Tech


Much of the gameplay is similar to its predecessor, Metal Max. The game is open-ended and non-linear, with the player given the freedom to decide where to go and what missions to do in whichever order. The player can choose the character classes, such as a mechanic or soldier, for the player characters. The battles are turn-based, with the characters able to fight either on foot or using tanks. The tanks can be created and customized by the player, who can modify and enhance each part of a vehicle, though there is a weight limit to each tank. In certain areas where tanks cannot pass, the characters must engage the enemies on foot. The game also features gambling machines where minigames can be played, including the third-person shooter and racing games.

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