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Majyuuou 魔獣王 King of Demons (Playthrough)


Majyuuou 魔獣王 King of Demons

Side-scrolling action to fight monsters to defeat the Devil to regain the wife and daughter taken away. By defeating the boss and taking a crystal ball, you can transform into a powerful devil. Grotesque graphics are characteristic.



Developer(s) KSS

Publisher(s) KSS

Director(s) Hideyuki Yoshihashi

Designer(s) Satoru Fukushima

Composer(s) Tomohiro Endō

Hiroshi Iizuka

Platform(s) Super Famicom


JP: August 25, 1995

Genre(s) Platformer

Mode(s) Single-player

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User Rating: 5 / 5

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